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Register so as not to lose your measurements
The primary benefit of registration is that registered users can, after login to our system, revisit all their previous measurement results even after years. Our objective is to create a database from which no user data can be identified, yet it can accurately portray when, where and how a specific Internet service was performed.
Please complete the form below. (You do not even need to enter your name to register.)
If you happen to decide not to register, click on the link “Kihagyom és mérek!” (Skip and measure) on the right.
Please take into account that the measurement system of Szélessá is designed for domestic users only and, and therefore, only works for measurements initiated from the network of a Hungarian service provider.

1. The user account information
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2. The measuring point data
Please create your first measurement point. Each of the measurements can be assigned to a measurement point, so you can easily document the performance of a specific service. Once you have verified your registration, you can add measuring points and edit them at will.
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In how many ways and with how many devices can you measure the speed of your Internet connection at Szélessá
What factors affect the results?
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You can’t find your Internet subscription on the list?
Service providers are required to report to NMHH all their available subscription packages, which are then added to the database of Szélessá Some service providers may not comply with this obligation in time, i.e. they fail to report the specific service. If your subscription package is not on the list, please contact us so that we can identify the root of the problem and take any necessary action.