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Illusztráció: a képen egy lakat és egy hálózati kábel látható az internetes forgalom lehetséges korlátozásának illusztrálására

What is a network neutrality measurement?

By measuring network neutrality, you can find out, for instance, if your service provider restricts bitTorrent, http or SSH data transmission or any other services such as playing online videos, email applications, etc.

The measurements should be performed as registered users because such users can access their own measurement results from anywhere and at any time. When measuring network neutrality, the data actually refer to a specific subscription package, and only registered users can specify this subscription package.

You can, of course, measure even if you decide not to register and click the button Kihagyom és mérek! (Skip and measure) on the right.
Register so as not to lose your measurements

The key benefit of registration is that once you log in, you can access all your previous measurement data even after several years. Our objective is to build, with the help of users like you, a database that provides no user-specific data but an accurate picture to anyone about when, where and how a certain service is performed.

Please complete the form below. As you can see, we do not even ask for your name like other services normally do. If you happen to decide not to register, click the link “Kihagyom és mérek!” (Skip and measure) on the right.

1. The user account information
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2. The measuring point data
Please create your first measurement point. Each of the measurements can be assigned to a measurement point, so you can easily document the performance of a specific service. Once you have verified your registration, you can add measuring points and edit them at will.
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Learn more about network neutrality
Network neutrality is a basic principle according to which Internet service providers and state administrative organizations should process all data on the Internet the same way.
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Windows 10 Edge users
The Edge browser of Microsoft Windows 10 does not support running Java applications in the browser; therefore, we recommend that you perform your network neutrality measurements using other browsers supported by the application.
Google Chrome users
In September 2015, Google discontinued to support plugins developed with the old NPAPI system. Java is one of them, and since Szélessá happens to use the Java-based Glasnost application, you unfortunately cannot perform network neutrality measurements from Chrome.
You will need this to perform the measurements
You will need a Java virtual machine (JVM) for the measurement. The primary job of JVM is to run the platform-free Java byte code. We use the devices of the Glasnost network neutrality project for the network neutrality measurement, and these are programmes written in the Java language. The compilation of the Java source creates the Java byte code that you run to use the application. This is why you need the Java virtual machine.
The Java virtual machine can be downloaded from the following link to the website operated by Sun Microsystems, the developer of the Java programming language: